Dong Sik & Geum Ok Byun

Dong Sik & Geum Ok Byun

Recently Geum Ok and Dom Sik brought their Bible study/sewing group to church for two reasons:

1). To expose them to the gospel

2). To hand out bags of much needed maize meal and rice.

This dear couple brought a PowerPoint presentation in which they showed the Bible study group meeting outdoors (because of COVID regulations), and gave a report of their children’s ministry showing the booklets Geum Ok uses to reach the children with God’s word. Twenty eight of the Bible study members came to the church and sat under the sound of God’s word being skillfully expounded by Bishop Warick Cole-Edwards.

Dom Sik gave his testimony, telling of how he met his Lord when he was young. The passion and dedication of this couple was very evident and we are blessed to have them in our church.

They both ‘walk the talk’ as they minister to those less fortunate than ourselves, taking care to minister to both physical and spiritual needs of those they come in contact with.

May our Lord grant them favour as they reach out to many who may never have heard the gospel had they not been faithful in their witness.

Dong Sik & Geum Ok Byun 2
Dong Sik & Geum Ok Byun